A community collaborative and coordinated plan to end homelessness in Venice.

Goals & Objectives

What are we trying to do?


To create a functional Venice-centric casework collaborative, supportive of and integrated with the SPA 5 Coordinated Entry System (CES) and a Housing First philosophy, that rapidly moves the Venice homeless population into housing and supportive services.


To create a network of willing community partners to support such a collaborative and secure additional resources, such as housing vouchers and affordable housing.


To share success stories publicly to create community awareness of progress and engage more people in problem solving.

About Us

Helping the homeless in Venice

Venice Forward is a new collaborative convened by LA City Councilmember Mike Bonin that is dedicated to changing the way civic organizations and private social services approach homelessness. Rather than separate entities providing on-demand services from their individual silos, Venice Forward brings them all together – to collaborate with one another- share resources and best practices - with the common aim of ENDING homelessness.

Member organizations meet many times each month. They hold coordinated case conference meetings where case managers from each of these organizations discuss individual homeless people and collaborate on determining the most effective ways to help them and move them off the streets.

Monthly, representatives of Venice Forward, the community and city and county government meet to review the situation in Venice, share resources and ideas, and learn from successes and mistakes.

Our Team

Success Stories

Kristin’s Story

Kristin is 23 years old. She grew up in the foster care system, moving in and out of foster and group homes until she ran away at age 17. At 19 Kristin found out she [More →]

Levi’s Story

Levi first came to Safe Place for Youth over a year ago. Homeless and sleeping on the beach, Levi presented as an emotional, yet hopeful young woman. As Levi started attending Drop-In on a regular basis, she [More →]

Paul’s Story

Paul, 72, grew up in an impoverished family in Louisiana with nine brothers and sisters. His upbringing was rough and he made some poor decisions as an adolescent that resulted in a 25 year prison [More →]

Chris’s Story

A great success story from The Teen Project, operator of The Teen Project’s – The PAD in Venice, CA, one of the many Venice Forward agencies working to end homeless in our community. Chris had been homeless [More →]

More Success Stories

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