Mary’s Story


Chaplain Steven Weller of the LAPD’s Homeless Task Force found Mary (not her real name) an 82 year-old woman, who had been sleeping in the bushes at the Venice library.  Pastor Weller’s wife, Regina, got to know her and developed a friendship. Regina listened as she described how awful it was awaken to the gas fumes from passing cars every morning, and people staring at her. One of the most painful issues in her life was that she was estranged from her schizophrenic son. She had a dream of writing a book about her life. Venice Beach Detail Officer Kristan Delatori and the Wellers drove her to SHARE! Collaborative Housing, where the owner met her and she felt comfortable. She saw her bed under a window looking out on green plants, and the kitchen where she can cook. With tears in her eyes, she said “I think I’m in heaven.” She came out to thank the officers. She has stayed in touch with Regina. As this is a collaborative effort, the exciting part is that the owner assisted the woman in reunifying with her son after many years. He’s living in the same neighborhood and they spend time together daily.

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