Paul’s Story


Paul, 72, grew up in an impoverished family in Louisiana with nine brothers and sisters. His upbringing was rough and he made some poor decisions as an adolescent that resulted in a 25 year prison sentence. Though Paul had experience in the culinary field, he was unable to find work after his release due to his criminal record and he soon became homeless.

After nearly three decadesĀ on the streets of Venice, Paul accepted help fromĀ St. Joseph Center. Unfortunately he had to overcome more than his share of obstacles on his journey to a new home. It took two years to get an official copy of his birth certificate from the State of Louisiana and then another year and a half to obtain a Social Security card. Once all of the necessary documents were collected, Paul began looking at apartments. Paul ultimately signed his lease on March 15, 2015 for a unit in Mid-City with a backyard where his dog P-Nut can play. Throughout this extraordinarily prolonged process, Paul maintained a positive attitude, stating more than once, “I am not homeless, I am houseless.” Today, Paul has a house he calls home.

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